Since 1990, Jan Ott is working with Oracle focused on SQL and PL/SQL. His main goal is to support his customers in creating performant, understandable and maintainable applications and designs with Oracle for dataware housing. His passion are large databases, the bigger the better.

His new interest is Big Data. He is diving into the Zoo of tools in that area and is fascinated by all the new possibilities. He finds ways to combine the relational world and Hadoop and its Zoo.

Jan is working as a Senior Consultant for Trivadis in Zürich, Switzerland. There he is helping customers in different fields do get the most out of SQL and PL/SQL by tuning and  enhancing existing or developing new applications.

If Jan is not helping a customer, he is giving classes or holds speeches at seminars. His latest where at DOAG, AOUG or at the TechEvent. This event is held by Trivadis with over 400 attendees and over 100 speeches.

Jan lives in the Toggenburg region, Bütschwil, Switzerland, with his love, Eveline.  The children, Mirco, Laura and Dario are all grown up. All besides Dario have moved out and started there own families.  Dario is finishing is apprentice and will start his military service soon. Jan spends a wonderful part of his time with them. Eveline and Jan love to travel. If they are not somewhere in the world, they are ridding his motorbike for trips to gorgeous areas in the Alps.