DBMS_OUTPUT use it through a package

Just stumbled over a blog post from Steven Feuerstein. He talks about not using DBMS_OUTPUT in our code directly but through a package that allows to turn it on/off and but the output in a table or as indented with DBMS_OUTPUT on screen. You may find Steven’s article here.

External Tables with ORACLE_DATAPUMP Access Driver

Today I rediscovered a feature of Oracle that is in since 10i. In 12c it was extended.

What is it all about? I am able to use dumps that where created with data pump as a file for external tables. But not enough I can also create an external table using CTAS (create table as select). Let’s see the simple steps to do so.

First I need a directory to write into. There are two options. First I grant the right as seen below to the user in need or I create the directory with the privileged user and grant the right to the directory to the user.


As SCOTT I may now create the need directory. Oracle needs access to that directory.

CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY ext_dir AS '/u01/userhome/oracle/ext_tables';

Directory EXT_DIR created.

Next I may create the external table with the data pump access driver. This is done with “TYPE ORACLE_DATAPUMP”.

      LOCATION ('ext_emp.dmp')
    AS SELECT * FROM emp;

Table EXT_EMP created.

Now I can already access the external table

SELECT * FROM ext_emp;

------ ---------- --------- ------ --------- ------ ------ ----------
  7369 SMITH      CLERK       7902 17-DEC-80    800                20
  7499 ALLEN      SALESMAN    7698 20-FEB-81   1600    300         30
  7521 WARD       SALESMAN    7698 22-FEB-81   1250    500         30
  7566 JONES      MANAGER     7839 02-APR-81   2975                20
  7654 MARTIN     SALESMAN    7698 28-SEP-81   1250   1400         30
  7698 BLAKE      MANAGER     7839 01-MAY-81   2850                30
  7782 CLARK      MANAGER     7839 09-JUN-81   2450                10
  7788 SCOTT      ANALYST     7566 19-APR-87   3000                20
  7839 KING       PRESIDENT        17-NOV-81   5000                10
  7844 TURNER     SALESMAN    7698 08-SEP-81   1500      0         30
  7876 ADAMS      CLERK       7788 23-MAY-87   1100                20
  7900 JAMES      CLERK       7698 03-DEC-81    950                30
  7902 FORD       ANALYST     7566 03-DEC-81   3000                20
  7934 MILLER     CLERK       7782 23-JAN-82   1300                10

14 rows selected. 

The definition is the same as the table was.

DESC ext_emp

Name     Null? Type         
-------- ----- ------------ 
EMPNO          NUMBER(4)    
ENAME          VARCHAR2(10) 
JOB            VARCHAR2(9)  
MGR            NUMBER(4)    
HIREDATE       DATE         
SAL            NUMBER(7,2)  
COMM           NUMBER(7,2)  
DEPTNO         NUMBER(2)    

Some additional thoughts:

  • No change of data possible. Once created it is read only
  • Parallel is possible
  • Compression is possible but only with “Advanced Compression”

It is a simple way to use external tables. No need to think about the format. No need to think about conversions. It is all done for you. Isn’t this great.

For more information just visit:
Oracle External Table Documentation
Oracle External Table Documentation – Oracle Data Pump Access Driver

Rollback – show progress


as always I like to know how things are progressing especially when they are running long. This is also the case with ROLLBACK.

Here is a statement that helped me:

SELECT s.username,
FROM   v$transaction t,
       v$session s,
       v$rollstat r,
       dba_rollback_segs rs
 WHERE s.saddr = t.ses_addr
   AND t.xidusn = r.usn
   AND rs.segment_id = t.xidusn
 ORDER BY t.used_ublk DESC

I am interested if there are better options.

Have fun.

Set the Oracle Data Modeler Language to English

My prefered language in Oracle Data Modeler is English.

If the language is not English here are the steps to change this:

Add the line following line to the file datamodeler.conf in the directory datamodeler\bin\. On a Mac it is in the OracleDataModeler-VersionNumer.app in the folder Contents\Resources\datamodeler\datamodeler\bin\

AddVMOption  -Duser.language=en

Restart Oracle Data Modeler.

Versions: 18.1

Got the tip on the webpage:
Memosoup.com – change interface language

Data Warehouse Blueprints

Ein Kollege von mir hat ein tolles DWH Buch veröffentlicht. Schaut doch mal rein. Ich kann es nur empfehlen!

Data Warehousing with Oracle

Our new book “Data Warehouse Blueprints” is now available at Hanser Verlag as printed edition and e-book. Here a short overview of the book and some background information about the long history of this publication.

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Cassandra – How do I get to my data

Trivadis held it’s bi-annual technical event with over 600 participants and moe than 100 sessions.

My session was fully booked. No seat was left empty. As I find out there was a writter for Netzwoche in my session. Here is his article. The part about me has the title “Cassandra – die Datenbank von morgen?”.