Analytic Views: A Performance Deep Dive Analysis

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Data Warehousing with Oracle

Analytic Views, in combination with Attribute Dimensions and Hierarchies, are very useful for ad-hoc queries in a Star Schema. But how about the performance of this Oracle 12.2 feature? I wanted to know it and analyzed the execution plans of some simple queries.

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Data Warehouse Blueprints

Ein Kollege von mir hat ein tolles DWH Buch veröffentlicht. Schaut doch mal rein. Ich kann es nur empfehlen!

Data Warehousing with Oracle

Our new book “Data Warehouse Blueprints” is now available at Hanser Verlag as printed edition and e-book. Here a short overview of the book and some background information about the long history of this publication.

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Cassandra – How do I get to my data

Trivadis held it’s bi-annual technical event with over 600 participants and moe than 100 sessions.

My session was fully booked. No seat was left empty. As I find out there was a writter for Netzwoche in my session. Here is his article. The part about me has the title “Cassandra – die Datenbank von morgen?”.


My first blog – the why

Hi there,

I have decided to start my own blog. There are serveral reasons:

  • I want a place where I save my findings.
    In the years I have found out that I tend to forget all the little neat things found in the process of creating Oracle PL/SQL and SQL code for my customers.
  • I  want to minimize the time searching in Oracle not finding the  answer I am looking for.
  • Hope to help others with similar problems

So here it is. My external brain, my sticky notes that would be lost and forgotten.

I hope it will help you and you help me to create a place with insides to Oracle PL/SQL and SQL programming.