Toad & SQL Developer – copying data including column headers in data grid

If you want to copy the column header in the data grid then do the folloing

in Toad:

1. select the data you want to copy
2. press CTRL+INSERT

in SQL Developer

1. select the data you want to copy

This works with parts of the columns too.

Set the SQL Developer Language to English

My prefered language in SQL Developer is English.

If the language is not English here are the steps to change this:

Add the line following line to the file sqldeveloper.conf in the directory sqldeveloper\bin\. On a Mac it is in the in the folder Contents\Resources\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\

AddVMOption  -Duser.language=en

Restart SQL Developer.

Versions: 4.0.0 to 19.2

Literals: Alternative to single quote to start/end a string

As all know I can use single quotes to start/end a string in SQL and PL/SQL.

SELECT 'my string' AS a
  FROM dual;

my string

When we have single quotes in a string we need an escape character. In Oracle this is another single quote. That looks like this.

SELECT 'my string with two single quotes for one '' ' AS a
  FROM dual;

my string with two single quotes for one '

Complex strings can be difficult to handle this way. But Oracle provides another option.

SELECT q'[my string]' AS a
  FROM dual;

my string

This way you can have as many single quotes in the string as you wish.
There are other options besides [] – {}, ().

SELECT q'{my 1' 2'' 3''' 4'''' string}' AS a
  FROM dual;

my 1' 2'' 3''' 4'''' string

I hope this helps.

Oracle Documentation 12c – Literals

My first blog – the why

Hi there,

I have decided to start my own blog. There are serveral reasons:

  • I want a place where I save my findings.
    In the years I have found out that I tend to forget all the little neat things found in the process of creating Oracle PL/SQL and SQL code for my customers.
  • I  want to minimize the time searching in Oracle not finding the  answer I am looking for.
  • Hope to help others with similar problems

So here it is. My external brain, my sticky notes that would be lost and forgotten.

I hope it will help you and you help me to create a place with insides to Oracle PL/SQL and SQL programming.